Ruisdael Science Day 2021

This year, a light version of the Ruisdael Science Day took place along the NAC 2021 Conference. The NAC (Nederlands Aardwetenschappelijk Congres) Conference brings together all fields of research within the Earth Sciences. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, this years’ conference was an online event on the 8th  and 9th of April 2021. During the first day of the event one of the parallel sessions was devoted to Ruisdael Observatory. The aim of the yearly Ruisdael Science Day is to bring together scientists who work within the framework of the Ruisdael project or related science projects in order to stimulate cooperation between the various disciplines that are represented within Ruisdael Observatory.

The following oral presentations were held during this session:

ResearcherInstituteTitle contribution
Wouter MolWURRecord high solar irradiance in Western Europe during first COVID-19 lockdown largely due to unusual weather
Katharina HeimerlVURemote sensing of trace gases and aerosols on a mobile trailer for the Ruisdael Observatory
Diego Alves GouveiaKNMICaeli Raman lidar observations in Cabauw during TROLIX’19 and COVID-19 campaigns
Peng YaoRUG/CIOHigh light absorption capacity of brown carbon aerosol in the Netherlands
Jordi Vila-Guerau de ArellanoWURImpact of future warming and enhanced CO2 on the vegetation-cloud interaction

Links to poster presentations are provided in the table below:

ResearcherInstituteTitle poster
Marco de BruineUU/KNMISimulating emission and transport of pollution on 100-meter resolution in a 100-kilometer domain
Ulrike DusekUoGThe aerosol-cloud infrastructure at the Lutjewad field station
Sylvia WalterUUMEMO2: MEthane goes Mobile– MEasurements and MOdelling
ApituleyKNMIThe role of Cabauw in Ruisdael Observatory
Steven KnoopKNMIDoppler wind lidar activities at Ruisdael Observatory, station Cabauw
Xinya LiuUoGModelling of Aerosol optical profiles based on ground sampling and comparison with Caeli Multi-Wavelength Raman Lidar