The Ruisdael Scientific Steering Committee coordinates the research and measurement activities at the Ruisdael Observatory:

  • Deployment and exploitation of the Ruisdael facilities;
  • Initiation of new projects and access to Ruisdael facilities and Ruisdael datasets;
  • Coordination with external partners.

Members Ruisdael Scientific Steering Committee

name affiliation
Russchenberg, H.W.J. (Herman) TUD
Siebesma, prof.dr. A.P. (Pier) TUD/KNMI
Dusek, dr. U. (Ulrike) RUG
Hensen, dr. A. (Arjan) TNO
Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (Hugo) TNO
Vila, prof.dr. J. (Jordi) WUR
Houweling, S. (Sander) VU
Apituley, ir. A. (Arnoud) KNMI
Som de Cerff, dr. W.J. (Wim) KNMI
Swart, ir. D. (Daan) RIVM
Holzinger, dr. R. (Rupert) UU


Daily matters of Ruisdael are taken care by the Ruisdael Executive Board. The REB members are also member of the Scientific Steering Committee.

Members Ruisdael Executive Board

name affiliation
Russchenberg, Prof. dr. ir. H. (Herman) TUD
Apituley, ir. A. (Arnoud) KNMI
Holzinger, dr. R. (Rupert) UU


The Ruisdael Supervisory Board interacts with the Ruisdael Scientific Steering Committee and the Ruisdael Executive Board. The  Supervisory Board supervises Ruisdael on the general, strategic and financial level and is the ultimate decision making body of the Ruisdael consortium.

Furthermore a Ruisdael Advisory Board and Ruisdael Usergroup are installed.

The Ruisdael Advisory Board is a multi-disciplinary international board. The role of the Advisory Board is to highlight critical issues and emerging global trends in atmospheric science and to identify important national and international scientific developments which are relevant for Ruisdael.

The Ruisdael Usergroup is a multi-disciplinary board of users of Ruisdael in different ways. The role of the Usergroup is to test the societal relevance and viability of Ruisdael activities and products.