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  • Celebrating 50 years of Cabauw data

    Celebrating 50 years of Cabauw data

    Today, September 29th, 2023 we are celebrating 50 years Cabauw. At this air quality measurement site international teams of scientists collect data for weather forecasting. Throughout the past 50 years the Ruisdael Observatory and other international networks, like ACTRIS and ICOS have embedded the continuous daily data for their research purposes. During today’s festivities we […]

  • Ruisdael Science Day 2023

    Ruisdael Science Day 2023

    Today, Thursday September 28th, the Ruisdael community is gathering at Cabauw, the air quality measurement site in the Netherlands.  During this annual gathering scientists working within the framework of the Ruisdael project or in a related field come together to discuss their work. Moreover, over 70 scientists, PhD students and post-docs of the affiliated institutes will […]

  • Powering up Ruisdael wind measurements

    Powering up Ruisdael wind measurements

    By dr. Louise Nuijens In the past few months over summer, TU Delft and KNMI have been bundling efforts towards making extensive wind measurements at Cabauw with as many as three wind lidars. The broad objective is to provide high-resolution 3D wind profiles that are used to understand the air motions (horizontal and vertical winds) […]

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