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  • MAQ observations live

    MAQ observations live

    The Meteorology and Air Quality group of Wageningen University & Research runs three sites, where meteorological and air quality measurements are carried out. The three sites are carefully chosen to represent the most frequent land cover types in the Netherlands: Veenkampen has grassland on peat, Loobos has pine forest and Amsterdam as urban conglomeration. In…

  • Ruisdael Observatory maps atmosphere of the Netherlands

    Ruisdael Observatory maps atmosphere of the Netherlands

    What was just a dream five years ago is now starting to become reality. Thanks to hundreds of sensors and several measurement towers, the Ruisdael Observatory continuously provides a clear picture of the atmosphere above the Netherlands. The oldest measurement tower in Cabauw has been in place for 50 years. What started with a single…

  • Celebrating 50 years of Cabauw data

    Celebrating 50 years of Cabauw data

    Today, September 29th, 2023 we are celebrating 50 years Cabauw. At this air quality measurement site international teams of scientists collect data for weather forecasting. Throughout the past 50 years the Ruisdael Observatory and other international networks, like ACTRIS and ICOS have embedded the continuous daily data for their research purposes. During today’s festivities we…

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