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Presentations and posters Ruisdael Science Day 2019

The 2nd Ruisdael Science Day was held on the 19th of June 2019 at KNMI. This yearly event aims at bringing together scientists who work within the framework of the Ruisdael project or related science project. In this way we hope to stimulate cooperation between the various disciplines that are represented within Ruisdael. Instrumentalists, data analysts and modellers were encouraged to present their work. The programme of the Ruisdael Science Day 2019 is listed below. Links to presentations and posters are provided. More than 60 scientists, PhD students and post-docs of the affiliated institutes attended the second Ruisdael Science day.

Oral presentations
Name Affiliation Title  
Philippe Steeghs KNMI Opening
Steven Knoop KNMI CW wind lidar measurement campaign at Cabauw
Madelon Smink KNMI Influence of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Turbulence on a Microbarometer Array for Infrasound Detection
Jordi Vila WUR Learning lessons from a high-resolution Amazonia study to the Ruisdael scientific integrating aims
Marco de Bruine UU DALES aerosol parameterization
Ryan Teuling WUR Forest and city fluxes and their effect on the boundary layers and clouds
Folkert Boersma KNMI/WUR TROPOMI NO2 interpretation at Ruisdael scale
Yijian Zeng TUT An integrative information aqueduct to close the gaps between global satellite observation of water cycle and local
Huilin Chen RUG Verification of CH4 and N2O emissions using UAV-based measurements
Jonathan Izett TUD Dutch Fog: On the Observed Spatio-Temporal Variability of Fog in the Netherlands
Marc Schleiss TUD Retrieval of raindrop size distributions from a vertically profiling micro-rain radar near Cabauw
Nick van der Giesen TUD A new observation methods for rainfall and soil moisture

Poster sessions

Name Affiliation Title Download
Olivier den Ouden KNMI A low-cost mobile seismo-acoustic sensor for geophysical deployments
Bert Scheeren RUG ICOS greenhouse gas monitoring at Lutjewad
Xin Tong RUG Preliminary results of surface flux estimates of N2O and CH4 using observations at the Cabauw tower
Linh Nguyen RUG Fossil CO2 work using the new Maasvlakte station in combination with Cabauw
Stijn van Rijn/Ulrike Dusek RUG The new aerosol sampling infrastructure for Lutjewad
Michiel van der Molen/Jordi Vila WUR The Loobos facility
Hugo Denier van der Gon TNO The Rotterdam facility
Wim Timmermans UT Earth Observation Sites in the Netherlands
Arnoud Apituley KNMI Ruisdael-Cabauw
Venkat Roy TUD Rainfall dynamics estimation followed by rainfall monitoring using microwave link measurements