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ICOS Science Conference

From 13-16 September 2022 the fifth ICOS Science Conference will be organised in Utrecht and online around the world. The overall, overarching theme of the conference is Tracking progress to carbon neutrality.

The level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rises constantly, heating up our planet. Observing the levels of greenhouse gas emissions is essential to predict climate change and mitigate its consequences. ICOS, Integrated Carbon Observation System, provides standardised and open data from more than 140 measurement stations across 14 European countries. The stations observe greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere as well as carbon fluxes between the atmosphere, the land surface and the oceans.

The national research infrastructure Ruisdael Observatory is the Dutch contribution to ICOS. Three stations of the Ruisdael Observatory are accredited as ICOS-sites: Cabauw, Lutjewad and Loobos. ICOS Netherlands also plays an important role in the Carbon Portal, providing a multitude of data services for all Europe.

The programme of the ICOS Science Conference includes plenary and parallel sessions, and poster sessions during lunch and in the evening. More details about the programme and the contributions can be found here.