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Scanning Doppler wind lidar installed at Cabauw

On Tuesday April 6th 2021, the Windcube 200S scanning Doppler wind lidar (Leosphere/Vaisala) has been installed at the Remote Sensing Site of the Cabauw station. This instrument will provide detailed measurements of the wind field, aerosols and clouds around the Cabauw site.

The Windcube 200S is a long-range scanning Doppler wind lidar, with full hemisphere scanning capabilities. The maximum range is 14 km, but in practice this depends strongly on the atmospheric conditions, and the user-configurable settings. The height range is limited to the boundary layer, as the presence of aerosols are required. Different scan patterns can be scheduled: PPI (azimuthal scan), RHI (elevation scan) and DBS (to obtain vertical wind profiles). The output data is the radial wind speed, CNR (Carrier to Noise Ratio) and relative attenuated backscatter coefficient (for DBS also horizontal and vertical wind speed, wind direction).

The instrument will participate in the Ruisdael field campaign of May 2021.

Please contact PI Steven Knoop for more information.

Example of a single low elevation PPI scan in south-west direction, displaying the radial wind speed
Example of a wind profile measurement based on a DBS scan, displaying the vertical profile of the horizontal wind speed
Windcube 200S at the Cabauw site