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Ruisdael Science Day 2022

On 14th of October 2022, the Ruisdael community gathered at the Green Village of the TU Delft campus for the annual Ruisdael Science Day. This annual gathering marks the day of the year when scientists who work within the framework of the Ruisdael project or in a related field come together and share their work with each other. More than 60 scientists, PhD students and post-docs of the affiliated institutes attended this year’s Ruisdael Science Day. During this edition of the Science Day, the program was divided into a total of six themes. The whole program can be seen below together with the links to the presentations or posters. For some topics, there is no link provided since the content is not made publicly available yet.

Presentation Sessions

1st theme: Introduction and related activities

Herman RusschenbergTUDWelcome
Willy Spanjer TUDIntroduction The Green Village
Menno BlaauwTUDNeutron activation analysis in air pollution studies
Zhiming Zhao/Astrid SourenRIVM/UvALTER-LIFE; research infrastructure towards Digital Twins of ecosystems in a changing world

2nd theme: Wind

Steven KnoopKNMIDoppler wind lidar at Cabauw
Jose Dias NetoTUDCombined wind lidar and cloud radar for wind profiling
Mariska KoningTUDSurface-layer wind shear and momentum transport from clear-sky to cloudy weather regimes over land

3rd theme: Boundary layer

Fredrik JanssonTUDDALES over the Netherlands
Bart van StratumWURSurface radiation and energy balance modelling in realistic large-eddy simulations over Cabauw
Jasper WijnandsKNMIDeep-Pathfinder: atmospheric boundary layer height detection based on image segmentation
Ryan Teuling WURA first synthesis of drivers of energy balance partitioning over the Netherlands from eddy covariance data

4th theme: Precipitation and clouds

Christine UnalTUDRetrieving the median volume diameter of raindrops with a polarimetric cloud radar
Xinya LiuRUGAerosol optical predicted from ground-based observations compare to Raman Lidar retrievals during RITA
Ravi KiranTUDBalloon-borne aerosol-cloud interaction studies (BACIS): field campaigns to understand and quantify aerosol effects on clouds

5th theme: Chemical composition

Katharina HeimerlVUFirst results of EM27 measurements from the recent RITA Rotterdam campaign
Arjan DrosteTNOAssessing methane emissions in the Rotterdam/Rijnmond area using the Ruisdael Rotterdam observational network
Susanna JonkerRIVMField comparison of two novel open-path instruments to measure ammonia fluxes during the RITA’21 campaign
Leon GeersTNOSimulating NH3 deposition at high resolution: first results of a dry deposition implementation in DALES

6th theme: Reflections

Gert-Jan SteeneveldWURRuisdael urban measurements
Getachew AdnewUUResults from two-day campaign in May’22 at Loobos and future plans 
Jordi VilaWURWhat can Ruisdael Observatory learn by measuring at the Atacama desert or at the Amazonia rainforest?
Arjan Hensen/Pascale OomsTNO/WUR‘What if you are too stupid to run DALES…but you have a lot of mobile data in Rotterdam?’ Reflections on the Ruisdael on the road mobile measurements thus far